While U Slept. The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010

BIDEN IN ISRAEL IN ATTEMPT TO RELAUNCH PEACE TALKS American Vice President sees ‘moment of opportunity’ as he helps kick off indirect “proximity” talks following more than a year of utter impasse between Israeli and Palestinian leaders.(BBC)

REPORT: FORMER IRANIAN PRESIDENT KHATAMI BANNED FROM FOREIGN TRAVEL Early reports citing Iranian Fars news agency that reformist ex leader has been banned from traveling abroad. (CNN via Twitter…verifying)

US PUBLIC OPINION EYES MILITARY PULLOUT FOLLOWING IRAQI ELECTIONS American opinion increasingly eager to leave Iraqis’ future in their own hands following a respectable 62% turnout in the second national elections since Saddam Hussein was ousted. (Star-Ledger)

INDONESIA SECURITY TARGETS TERROR SUSPECTS IN INTERNET CAFE Three suspects dead, two arrested in blitz on outskirts of Jakarta aimed at senior operatives for Jemaah Islamiyah, bloody Southeast Asian terror network. (NYTimes)

OVERNIGHT SHOOTING ON OHIO STATE CAMPUS KILLS ONE, INJURES TWO One University employee killed, another in critical condition. Suspect in custody after 3:30 a.m shooting that didn’t involve any students. (AP)


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