While U Slept. The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

HISTORY-MAKING HEALTH CARE REFORM PASSES. BUT AT WHAT COST? In midnight remarks, Obama calls historic legislation a “victory for common sense.” But without a single Republican vote, it marks defeat of his vow to bring post-partisan politics to DC. (NYTimes)

CLINTON WANTS IRAN SANCTIONS “THAT WILL BITE” US Secretary of State scripts strong language for Monday speech to pro-Israel group, says Obama administration will not accept a nuclear armed Iran. (AP)

SARKOZY SHAKEUP EXPECTED AFTER DEFEAT IN REGIONAL ELECTIONS French President set to shuffle government ministers after devastating defeat in second round of voting in regional elections. With Socialists winning 54%, and far-right National Front on the rise, Le Figaro says vote is turning point in Sarkozy’s reign. (Reuters)

GLOBAL STOCKS DIP FOR THIRD STRAIGHT DAY, AS GREEK BONDS AND SHARES FALL The MSCI World Index drops again in morning trading in London, its longest losing streak in six weeks. Futures down, dollar up, and Greek investments suffering after Germany’s Merkel tells investors that Athens is responsible for its own fate. (Bloomberg)

TIGER WOODS’ FIRST POST-SCANDAL INTERVIEW Golfer talks about having to tell his wife and mother about infidelities, and looks nervously toward return to play at Master’s (ESPN video/text).


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