While U Slept. The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010

ISRAEL APPROVES MORE EAST JERUSALEM HOUSES AS NETANYAHU, OBAMA MEET Final approval of 20 more units in contested East Jerusalem coincides with unusually quiet US-Israeli talks in Washington that go late into the night. (Reuters)

DEATH THREATS AIMED AT HOUSE MEMBERS AS HEALTH CARE STAYS HOT Several members of Congress who voted ‘yes’ have received death threats, while phone numbers have been circulated on the internet in what continues to be highly charged aftermath of massive reform legislation. (Politico)

EURO DROPS TO NEW LOWS, FEARS THAT GREECE DEAL WILL FIZZLE European currency suffers ten-month low against dollar and all-time record drop against Swiss franc, amidst Germany balking on bailout of Greece’s imploding national finances. (Bloomberg)

GOOGLE STILL CENSORING SEARCH CONTENT IN CHINA Spokeswoman for Google confirms that some old practices still in place as giant search engine looks to hold on to some traffic and honor contracts on the mainland after moving main search operations to Hong Kong in dispute with Beijing. (AP)

OPRAH SETTLES DEFAMATION LAWSUIT WITH SCHOOL HEADMISTRESS TV star settles with woman who used to run her charitable school in South Africa. Winfrey had  held a press conference to accuse the headteacher of ignoring pupils’ complaints about sex abuse by staff. (Guardian)


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