While U Slept. The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26, 2010

FUTURE POPE WAS IN THE LOOP IN ’80 MUNICH CASE OF ABUSIVE PRIEST NYTimes has another major overnight scoop in unfolding scandal of Benedict XVI’s potential past role in mismanagement of priest sex abuse cases. Documents show then Cardinal Ratzinger was copied on memos about pedophile priest who was quickly returned to pastoral duties in Munich archdiocese that the future Pope was leading. (NYTimes)

NETANYAHU DIGS IN HEELS UPON RETURN FROM U.S. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday he will not break up his right-wing coalition to mollify the United States over housing construction in disputed territory. An Israeli government spokesman asserts that “a series of understandings” were reached in talks this week with Obama. (Ha’aretz)

THE FAT LADY HAS SUNG: HEALTH CARE REFORM GETS FINAL APPROVAL After a procedural glitch forced another round of voting, the House passes an amendment in late-night session to send massive reform forward, even as tensions continue to simmer. (TalkingPointsMemo)

MERKEL AND MARKETS SATISFIED, AS EUROPE AGREES ON GREECE BAILOUT The German Chancellor praised a rescue deal worked out Thursday night that calls on IMF to help Greece out of its financial hole. The euro rebounded in early trading from 10-month lows.  (Reuters)

MINI T-REX REMAINS FOUND IN AUSTRALIA, FIRST SOUTHERNER Scientists have found remains of a smaller cousin of the massive Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur in Victoria Australia, the first findings in the Southern Hemisphere of the predator species. They lived 110 million years ago, and were much smaller than the northern T-Rex. (National Geographic)


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