While U Slept. The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27, 2010

ISRAELI TROOPS WITHDRAWAL FROM GAZA AFTER FIERCE GUN BATTLES With political tension high, Gaza sees heaviest clashes in months as Israel responds to missile attacks along border. Israeli troops pull back Saturday after using bulldozers to tear down buildings it says sheltered terrorists. Up to a dozen deaths were reported in the fighting. (AP)

WITH TALLIES SHOWING HIM WINNER, ALLAWI REACHES OUT TO RIVALS Leader of secular alliance, who was declared narrow winner of Iraq’s parliamentary election, says he wants to work with all parties to form coalition government.Prime Minister Nouri Maliki contests legitimacy of vote tallies. (BBC)

PALIN STUMPS FOR MCCAIN IN FIRST JOINT APPEARANCE SINCE 2008 The former running mates appear together for a stop on McCain campaign to try to hold his Arizona Senate seat. Palin says “all part of that Tea Party movement.” (CNN text/video)

AT&T JOINS OTHER MAJOR COMPANIES IN TAKING HEALTH CARE CHARGE The telecom giant announces plans to take a $1 billion charge against earnings, linked to changes in federal health-care laws that affects prescription-drug benefits. Deere & Co., 3M, Catepillar and others will also declare charge. (WSJ)

AUSTRALIA TURNS SWITCH OFF, START OF GLOBAL ‘LIGHTS OUT’ EARTH HOUR Some 4000 cities around the world will go dark to save energy and raise environmental awareness. At 8.30pm local time, the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge as well as homes and businesses around country went dark. The third annual Earth Hour includes Chinese cities for the first time. (Sydney Morning Herald)


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