While U Slept. The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1, 2010

POPE’S HOLY WEEK MESSAGE TO PRIESTS MAKES NO MENTION OF ABUSE While Vatican officials defend pontiff’s role in responding to priest sex abuse, Benedict XVI focuses on combatting violence and abortion in traditional message to priests. Serious questions still linger about Pope’s stint as Munich Archbishop. (AP)

WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL DENIES KARADZIC TRIAL DELAY The Bosnian Serb leader has tried to slow down trial in which he is accused of genocide and crimes against humanity for role in the 1992-95 Bosnian war. Karadzic, who was captured in Belgrade in 2008, disguised as an alternative healer, denies all charges. (Reuters)

HAITI GETS $10 BILLION U.N. AID PLEDGE, DOUBLE WHAT IT WAS SEEKING After daylong UN conference, nations donate to rebuild after January quake that killed more than 200,000 people and left one million homeless. (Guardian)

GOLDEN TOUCH: FIRST iPAD REVIEWS ARE IN Mostly thumbs-up for new Apple device set to hit stores Saturday. (Wired)

U ARE FOREWARNED. CHECK THE DATE AGAIN A roundup of the best and worst April Fools gags already circulating online. We (ok, I) at whileUslept have verified above 4 items are for real. (TechCrunch)


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