While U Slept. The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

AT LEAST 400 DEAD, TOLL RISING AFTER MAJOR CHINA QUAKE The 6.9 earthquake strikes western China’s Qinghai province. Thousands reported injured, death toll likely to climb, as rescuers dig through rubble. (BBC video/article)

MASSACHUSETTS PRIEST CALLS FOR POPE RESIGNATION Confirming comments from a Sunday sermon, Rev. James Scahill says Pope must step down if he doesn’t explain his own oversight role in several cases of clergy sex abuse. (CNN interview)

PROBE OF ARMY DOCTOR WHO REFUSES ORDERS, BELIEVES OBAMA WAS BORN ABROAD Military has opened court-martial investigation of Lt. Col Terrence Lakin, a decorated Army doctor who publicly announced last month that he is refusing to follow orders because he believes Barack Obama was born abroad, and is thus ineligible for presidency. (TalkingPointsMemo)

DEMOCRAT GLIDES TO SPECIAL ELEX VICTORY, IN FIRST POST-HEALTH CARE TEST Democratic state Sen. Ted Deutch easily won Florida’s 19th District special election Tuesday to succeed fellow Democrat who decided to step down. Republicans had hoped for upset in Democrat-heavy district like Senator Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts Senate race. (Politico)

AUSTRALIA ARRESTS CHINESE CAPTAIN AFTER SHIP TORE GASH IN BARRIER REEF A Chinese ship captain and officer were arrested and charged with damaging the Great Barrier Reef, a week after their coal carrier ran aground in the protected area. (AP)


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