While U Slept. The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010

ASH CLOUD CHAOS CONTINUES: 16,000 SATURDAY FLIGHTS SCRAPPED Much of European airspace remained closed Saturday as ash from the Iceland volcano continued to wreak havoc on world travelers. Experts begin to discuss true risk. Last time this volcano was active, in 19th century, eruptions continued on and off for two years. (CNN article/multimedia)

NEW DETAILS OF GOLDMAN FRAUD PROBE, PAULSON’S ROLE Following Friday’s SEC landmark fraud lawsuit against Goldman Sachs for not telling customers about dubious John A. Paulson loans, questions linger as to billionaire hedge fund manager’s role. Though Paulson bet on failure, SEC says he did not misrepresent investments. Still, he may become new symbol for broken Wall Street as Obama pushes reforms. (NYTimes)

NORTH KOREA SPEAKS FOR FIRST TIME ABOUT SUNKEN SOUTH KOREAN SHIP North Korea denied any role in sinking last month of a South Korean naval vessel in disputed sea waters. Many South Koreans believe a North Korean torpedo sank ship, where 46 sailors died. North statement blames “puppet military warmongers” in South Korea for false accusations. (Reuters)

TOP INTERIM LEADER IN KYRGYZSTAN SAYS U.S. BASE “NOT JUSTIFIED” Top official in Kyrgyzstan’s interim government said U.S. air base used to support operations in Afghanistan is “not justified.” Uncertainty over fallout from new regime on regional policy comes as police began arresting figures from ousted government. (AP)

EU ELECTION MONITOR CRITICIZES SUDAN VOTE Sudan fell short of international standards in recent national elections, which officials hoped would be great example of democracy in Africa, says Europe’s top election monitor. (BBC)


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