While U Slept. The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22, 2010

NETANYAHU REJECTS OBAMA DEMAND FOR BUILDING FREEZE Aides confirm that Israeli PM has officially rejected Washington demand for an East Jerusalem construction freeze. Move risks deadlocking Middle East peace efforts as Obama envoy arrives in region. (Haaretz)

ASH TRAVEL CHAOS OVER. FOR NOW Virtually all flights in and out of Europe back on schedule Thursday, with a few delays remaining in Scandinavia. Officials eye challenge of deciding on closures if Icelandic volcanic erupts again. (Reuters)

OBAMA’S ZEROS IN ON WALL ST REFORM. AIMING TO COPY HCR SUCCESS President takes to bully pulpit Thursday as congressional leaders try to push through sweeping new laws to regulate banking and financial industry. Obama hoping to net second major domestic victory, after health care reform. (WashPost)

UK BISHOPS APOLOGIZE FOR CHURCH HANDLING OF SEX ABUSE Unprecedented sweeping apology by Britain’s bishops amidst unfolding revelations of clergy sex abuse and bad oversight by church leaders. Pope to arrive in UK in September. Also: Another Irish bishop resigns over handling of sex abuse cases, and a German bishop offers resignation over physical abuse allegations. (Evening Standard)

ZUCKERBERG EXPLAINS BIG CHANGES TO FACEBOOK Founder says new features aimed at connecting everything and everyone through Facebook’s social links, preferences. Plays down privacy concerns. (Mashable video)

BONUS: NEW LOOK AT THE SUN Unprecedented images from telescope designed to stare at the sun. (CNN imaging)


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