While U Slept. The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29, 2010

MORE LEAKS MAY MAKE GULF OIL SPILL BIGGEST EVER Crews working through the night to try to block and burn off series of leaks from sunken oil well off the coast of Louisiana. Huge environmental damage assessed: Exon Valdez may “pale in comparison.” (BBC)

EUROPEAN ECONOMIC CONFIDENCE AT 2-YEAR HIGH Surprise jump in executive and consumer confidence index offers hope for more robust European recovery, even as Greek crisis threatens markets. (Bloomberg)

REPORTED KILLED, PAKISTANI TALIBAN LEADER IS ALIVE, SAYS INTEL A January air raid was thought to have killed charismatic leader, but now Pakistani intelligence officials say Meshud survived the strike. (CNN)

INDIAN/PAKISTANI LEADERS HAVE FIRST MEETING IN NINE MONTHS Two prime ministers talk on sideline of regional conference, hoping to reboot talks stalled after the 2008 Mumbai attacks. (Reuters)

LATEST IN STRING OF SCHOOL STABBINGS IN CHINA: 28 STUDENTS WOUNDED Two similarly horrid attacks in last two days in China, with knife-wielding men targeting kids. The latest: an unemployed man stabs 28 kids and three adults in a Jiangsu kindergarten. (NYTimes)

BONUS: REPUBLICAN FLORIDA GOVERNOR SET TO ANNOUNCE THIRD-PARTY RUN Official announcement expected Thursday from Crist, trailing in polls to more conservative challenger. Watch Governor’s non-denial denial on Wednesday. (Miami Herald article/video)


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