While U Slept: Biz&Buz. The Big 5 Overnight Business Stories. Tuesday, 05/04/10

May 4, 2010

EURO FLIRTS WITH ONE-YEAR LOW, DOLLAR ALSO GAINS ON YEN Concerns over Greek bailout push the Euro near a one-year low against the dollar, while the US currency also rises against the Yen on the strength of robust manufacturing growth. (Reuters)

GREEK PUBLIC WORKERS TAKE TO STREETS IN PROTEST Hundreds of workers protest in Athens, voicing displeasure with proposed austerity measures aimed at steering the country away from economic disaster.  (NYT)

BP SHARES AT 7-YEAR LOW AFTER GULF OIL SPILL Shares in BP fall 4.3% to 550.6 in early Tuesday trading, and have now droppped 15% since the Gulf oil rig explosion two weeks ago. (BBC)

PEARSON TO SELL CONTROLLING STAKE IN INTERACTIVE DATA Pearson announces deal to sell its 61% controlling share in Interactive Data Corp. for roughly $2 bn. (WSJ)

ASIAN STOCKS SLIDE DUE TO CHINESE UNCERTAINTY China’s benchmark Shanghai index down 35.33 points (1.2%), with investors worried about China’s soaring property market. (AP)


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