While U Slept: Biz&Buz. The Big 5 Overnight Business Stories. Thursday, 05/06/10

May 6, 2010

EURO HITS 14-MONTH LOW FOLLOWING GREEK VIOLENCE Investors eye ECB presser as Greek debt fears widen following worse day of violence in Athens. (Reuters)

JAPANESE MARKETS DOWN SHARPLY, ALONG WITH OTHER ASIAN TRADING Global recovery seen at risk by Greek debt crisis. Japan’s Nikkei 225 stock average plunged 3.3 percent to 10,698.87 as investors returned after three days off of “Golden Week” holidays. (AP)

FCC TO ANNOUNCE NEW INTERNET RULES FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski “net neutrality” decision will pit phone and cable giants against Silicon Valley powerhouses and consumer advocates. (CNET)

ICAHN WANTS HEAD OF GENZYME CEO Corporate raider Carl Icahn wants to remove Biotech giant chief and others as he eyes three seats on company board in June meeting. (NYTimes)

BP CHIEF TRIES TO STEM DAMAGE, EMIT CONFIDENCE In televised interview, Tony Hayward said company will ultimately “win,” but offers few details on progress on stemming leak in Gulf. (BBC)


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