While U Slept. Big 5 Overnight Stories. Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010

STOCKS, EURO DIP AS EUPHORIA GIVES WAY TO LONG TERM DOUBTS Single currency loses most of its gains, while global stock prices shrink a day after historic gains on news of $1 trillion plan to contain Greece’s debt crisis. (AP)

POPE IN PORTUGAL, SAYS THREAT TO CHURCH COMES FROM WITHINClergy sex abuse scandal follows Benedict XVI on another foreign trip. Aboard papal plane, he says Church must acknowledge “terrifying” truth of abuse. (Reuters)

REPUBLICANS WANT TO MAKE KAGAN CONFIRMATION ELECTION ISSUE The newly announced pick for the Supreme Court should expect a much more bitter confirmation process as Republicans expect to paint her (and Obama) as out of touch with ordinary Americans, ahead of fall’s midterm elections. (Politico)

CAMERON TO CLEGG: IT’S DECISION DAY After Gordon Brown announces he is stepping aside, time is running out for “kingmaker” Liberal Democrat leader to show his cards. (Guardian liveblog)

RED CROSS CONFIRMS ‘SECRET JAIL’ AT US AIRBASE IN AFGHANISTAN Detainees say they were abused at facility at Bagram airbase. Red Cross confirms separate facility for detainee. (BBC)

BONUS: OIL RIG EXPLOSION SURVIVOR TELLS TALE As questions rise about corporate responsibility for gulf spill, an oil rig worker describes what happened when Deepwater Horizon exploded. (PBS video)


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