While U Slept: Biz&Buz. The Big 5 Overnight Business Stories. Tuesday, 05/11/10

May 11, 2010

STOCKS, EURO DIP AS EUPHORIA GIVES WAY TO LONG TERM DOUBTS Single currency loses most of its gains, while global stock prices shrink a day after historic gains on news of $1 trillion plan to contain Greece’s debt crisis. (Reuters)

BP, HALLIBURTON, TRANSOCEAN OIL-SPILL BLAME GAME ACCELERATES First news leaks out of how companies working with rig that is leaking record oil into Gulf will begin pointing fingers at each other at Congressional hearings set for Tuesday. And later in court? (AP)

TOYOTA TURNAROUND. CARMAKER RECOVERING AFTER RECALL After 8.5 million cars recall, Japanese automaker says it produced $1.2 billion profit in the fourth quarter, ending March, and forecasts $3.3 billion profit for current year. (WSJ)

TWITTER ‘BUSINESS CENTER’ REVEALED The social media giant has begun testing new services aimed at helping businesses use the tool to boost sales. (Mashable)

DETAILS OF AT&T, APPLE EXCLUSIVITY DEAL Revelations come amid class-action lawsuit in California, claiming exertion of monopoly power. (Engadget)

BONUS: STEVE JOBS, 1 YEAR AFTER LIVER TRANSPLANT: HOW’S HIS HEALTH? Those who know the Apple Inc. chief, both inside and outside company, say he is fully recovered from life-threatening malady, back at work full tilt. Also said to be cooperating on major biography. (Bloomberg)


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