While U Slept. Big 5 Overnight Stories. Friday, 05/14/10

May 14, 2010

TROOPS, PROTESTERS CLASH IN THAILAND In the wake of Thursday’s shooting of a famous anti-government general, violence between governmental and protesting factions escalated Friday in Bangkok. As protesters attacked with slingshots, stones and homemade rockets, federal troops responded with tear gas, and bullets, forcing several embassies in the area to shut down. (NYT)

INDONESIAN POLICE DISCOVER PLOT TO KILL PRESIDENT Police in Indonesia announced today that they’ve foiled a plot to assassinate President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and other top officials, in an apparent attempt to install an Islamic state. (AP)

Faisal Shahzad, the man accused of attempting to blow up a car in Times Square last week, reportedly picked up $4,000 in cash at a Long Island Dunkin’ Donuts, according to sources familiar with the ongoing investigation.  (NYDailyNews)

FACEBOOK INTRODUCES NEW SECURITY MEASURES Following a string of recent malicious attacks on its users, Facebook has decided to roll out a slate of new and improved security measures. Although some are already available, most will be introduced within the coming weeks. (Yahoo)

LIBYA PLANE CRASH ‘MIRACLE BOY’ SAYS HE’S ‘FINE’ Ruben van Assouw, the nine-year old Dutch boy and sole survivor of this week’s plane crash in Libya, told reporters today that he’s still in pain, but eager to get home. Although he says he’s “fine,” he later added, “I don’t know how I got here, I don’t know anything more. I really want to go home.” (AFP)


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