While U Slept. Big 5 Overnight Stories. Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010

KABUL SUICIDE MINIVAN ATTACK KILLS 18 At least five Nato soldiers, nationalities still unconfirmed, are among victims, with 12 civilians also dead. Rush-hour timed blast of Toyota minivan leaves 47 wounded. (CNN)

POLLS IN 4 STATES OPEN: PRIMARY STAKES HIGH AS TEST FOR NOVEMBER Several key primaries will give clearest indication to date how disenchanted US voters are with incumbents, Democrats. (Politico)

THAILAND: ANTI-GOVT PROTESTERS AGREE TO TALKS Breakthrough in negotiations, but many doubt talks can now halt violence, which has left 38 dead since red-shirt demonstrators have taken to streets of Bangkok two months ago. (Reuters)

NETANYAHU CALLS URGENT MEETING OF AIDES TO RESPOND TO IRAN NUKE DEAL Israel among the most skeptical of Brazilian-brokered pact to ship Iran’s nuclear fuel to neutral country. (Jerusalem Post)

WSJ PROBE: OIL COMPANIES IGNORED SAFETY IN DEEP-WATER DRILLINGDeepwater Horizon spill, and other past incidents, show industry more focused on finding methods to drill even deeper below sea floor. (WSJ)

BONUS: BBC APOLOGIZES FOR “QUEEN IS DEAD” PRANK Birmingham-based announcer played national anthem. BBC says it was an internet-related joke. (BBC)


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