While U Slept. Big 5 Overnight Stories. Friday, 05/21/10

May 21, 2010

THAILAND’S PREMIER ANNOUNCES RECONCILIATION PLAN FOLLOWING NATIONAL CHAOS Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva promises a return to normalcy in a country recently overrun with civil strife, but acknowledges that the road to domestic peace won’t be easy. (CNN)

HILLARY CLINTON HAS HARSH WORDS FOR NORTH KOREA Stressing the importance of sending a “clear message to North Korea that provocative actions have consequences,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemns the recent North Korean attack on a South Korean warship, while speaking in Tokyo. (NYT)

RUSSIAN SENATOR SAYS SANCTIONS WON’T STOP MISSILE SALES TO IRAN Russia’s head of a parliamentary foreign affairs committee says that the country will continue to deliver surface-to-air missiles to Iran, even as the specter of international sanctions looms over Tehran. (Reuters)

BRITISH PM CAMERON TO MEET WITH MERKEL TODAY After meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy to discuss the future of the euro currency, new British Prime Minister David Cameron is slated to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin today, as part of an ongoing effort to forge strong ties amidst the current European debt crisis. (BBC)

DALAI LAMA WILL HOLD CHAT ON TWITTER TODAY The exiled Tibetan leader announces plans to hold an hour-long live chat today via the Twitter account of Chinese writer and activist Wang Lixiong. The Dalai Lama expects to answer around 250 questions, mostly from Chinese citizens. (TGDaily)


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