While U Slept. Big 5 Overnight Stories. Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

OBAMA BACKS SOUTH KOREA, CALLS FOR “READINESS” AGAINST NORTH President supports trade halt, calls for military to be ready to “deter future aggression” following findings on alleged North Korean sinking of South Korean warship. (CNN)

BP ADMITS OIL RESCUE ATTEMPTS IN GULF HAVING LESS EFFECT Energy giant says mile-long siphon tube inserted into damaged well in Gulf of Mexico has been capturing an average of 2,010 barrels a day, less than half previous estimates. (Guardian)

TALKS COLLAPSE, BRITISH AIRWAYS STRIKE IS ON Cabin crews begin five-day strike after 11th hour talks fail to resolve protracted labor-management showdown. (BBC)

BREAKING: AMERICAN COUPLE KIDNAPPED IN YEMEN Armed Yemeni tribesman capture husband and wife US tourists near capital of Sana’a, make demands on Yemeni government for their release. (Reuters)

ZUCKERBERG MEA CULPA ON FACEBOOK PRIVACY The 26-year-old Facebook founder uses pages of Washington Post to acknowledges mistakes in company’s privacy policy, vows to make changes. “We have heard the feedback.” (WashPost)

BONUS: LOST GRAN FINALE. DID YOU HEAR? The cult series finale unwinds whole plot, disappoints critics. (LATimes)


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