While U Slept. Big 5 Overnight Stories. Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2, 2010

ROCKETS FIRED AT KARZAI’S PEACE SUMMIT Rebels nearly hit tent where Afghan President was launching attempt to unify country’s tribes, enemies. No summit members hurt, two attackers reportedly killed. (BBC article/video)

ISRAEL BEGINS DEPORTING FLOTILLA DETAINEES Turkey-Israel relations in jeopardy, nearly 400 Turkish nationals board flights as Jerusalem scurries to limit fallout. Four of nine killed in Monday’s botched raid were Turkish citizens. Global pressure grows to lift blockade on Gaza.(AP)

JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER RESIGNS 8 MONTHS AFTER HISTORIC VICTORY Hatayama seeks to end discord in his insurgent party, after failure to deliver on last year’s campaign vow to move U.S. military base off Okinawa’s main island. (LATimes)

ARIZONA GOVERNOR VOWS TO “MEET (OBAMA) IN COURT” OVER IMMIGRATION Brewer says she will defend controversial law to the end, as White House confirms that she will meet Obama on Thursday. (CNN video/article)

ANOTHER PARTY SWITCHER FALLS, ALABAMA WON’T GET FIRST BLACK GOVERNOR Primaries for Alabama statehouse reaffirm national anti-incumbent trend after Arlen Specter defeat, deny African-American Artur Davis the Democratic nomination. (WashPost)

BONUS: STEVE JOBS SPEAKS Run down of a rare full-length, live interview with Apple founder. (Mashable)


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