While U Slept. Big 5 Overnight Stories. Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010

US CITIZEN AMONG NINE DEAD FROM FLOTILLA, AS FUNERALS BEGIN IN TURKEY Released survivors of Israeli commando raid arrive to hero’s welcome in Turkey, while forensic experts confirm all nine deaths were from gunshot wounds. One of those killed was a US national of Turkish origins. (Al Jazeera)

UK HITS JP MORGAN CHASE WITH RECORD $49 MILLION FINE The U.K.’s Financial Services Authority cites US firm’s failure to separate client money from the firm’s (WSJ)

MORE EVIDENCE OF WHITE HOUSE MUSCLING IN COLORADO SENATE RACE Democratic Senate candidate Romanoff confirms overtures from Obama aide for paid position if he’d pulled out of primary, following revelation that Bill Clinton had also tried to sway the candidate. Republicans pounce on revelations, ridicule Obama’s pledge to change Washington horse-trading. (Politico)

SOMALI TROOPS STORM HIJACKED SHIP,  CAPTURE PIRATES Raid comes after pirates fatally shoot Pakistani captain of cargo vessel, seven pirates detained. (AP)

SIMULATED 18-MONTH MARS SPACE MISSION BEGINS Six would-be astronauts enter sealed facility where they will spend 18 months with no windows and only e-mail contact with the outside world. The men are taking part in the Mars500 project, which aims to simulate a mission to Mars.(BBC)


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