While U Slept. Big 5 Stories Breaking Overnight. Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9, 2010

TWO REPUBLICAN BIZ WOMEN WIN CALIFORNIA PRIMARIES Meg Whitman, ex of eBay, will face former governor Jerry Brown in gubernatorial runoff, while HP’s former boss Carly Fiorina will challenge incumbent Barbara Boxer for Golden State Senate seat. Other women candidates fared well in primaries nationwide. (LATimes)

REPORT: ISRAEL TO ACCEPT BRITISH PLAN TO EASE GAZA EMBARGO Israel would accept easing of embargo in exchange for a watered-down international probe into botched assault on boat carrying supplies. (Daily Telegraph)

GUNMEN KILL SEVEN IN ATTACK ON NATO CONVOY IN PAKISTAN Overnight attack ignites some 20 trucks in convoy six miles outside Islamabad. (BBC article/video)

WIFE OF FUGITIVE BOSNIAN GENOCIDE SUSPECT ARRESTED Police find weapons in house of wife of Ratko Mladic, the ex-Bosnian Serb army commander wanted on genocide charges for deaths of thousands of Bosnian Muslims. (AP)

AQUINO, THE SON TAKES OVER AS NEW LEADER OF PHILIPPINES Son of revered former Philippines’ president Corazon Aquino and her slain husband Benigno becomes country’s new leader less than one year after his mother’s death. (CNN article/video)

BONUS: REPORT: HULU TO CHARGE, TURN TO DEVICES The until-now free online video platform will seek revenue in subscriptions and relationships with the Xboxes and iPads of the digital world. (Reuters)


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