While U Slept: Biz & Buz. Big 5 Business Stories Breaking Overnight. Thursday, 06/10/10

June 10, 2010
EUROPEAN STOCKS DOWN AFTER RALLY IN ASIA, AS BP DIPS TO NEW LOW Debt worries continue to drag down European stocks, while BP shares reach 13-year low amidst rising pressure from Obama administration to pay full cost of oil spill. (Bloomberg) 

U.S. EMERGING FROM FORECLOSURE CRISIS Those facing home repo man is flat from last year, hardest hit cities begin to recover from housing crisis, according to new report. (AP)

FEDS TARGET GOLDMAN SACHS $2 BILLION COLLATERALIZED DEBT OBLIGATION Sources confirm the Hudson Mezzanine collateralized debt obligation, sold in 2006, is part of Securities and Exchange Commission probe. (FT)

NEW REPORT SAYS A KID COSTS $475,680 TO RAISE TO 18 Department of Agriculture report estimates don’t include college costs, which could run another $127,683 for a state-run university. (Reuters)

SECURITY BREACH EXPOSES VIP IPAD OWNERS TO HACKERS Emails of top pols, CEOs, military officials, could be vulnerable to hackers who broke code to earliest versions of iPad 3G. (Gawker)

BONUS: SOUTH AFRICA UNIONS THREATEN STRIKE ON WORLD CUP EVE Unions representing about 1.2 million nurses, police officers, teachers and government officials reject government’s 6.2 percent wage offer. (Reuters)


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