While U Slept. Big 5 Stories Breaking Overnight. Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18, 2010

GARDNER EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD Ronnie Lee Gardner is executed by a firing squad in Utah, becoming only the third person in 33 years to be executed in such a manner within US borders. Gardner was convicted of killing an attorney in 1985. (CNN)

INTERM PRESIDENT SAYS DEATH TOLL IN KYRGYZSTAN COULD REACH 2,000 Kyrgyzstan’s interim President Rosa Otunbayeva, making her first visit to the violence-ravaged southern region of the country, warns that the death toll from recent ethnic strife could total 2,000. (Guardian)

NEW ZEALAND LEGISLATOR CLAIMS CHINESE SECURITY FORCES ATTACKED HIM A New Zealand lawmaker staging a one-man, pro-Tibet protest in China, says he was attacked with an umbrella by Chinese security outside China’s parliamentary building. (AP)

CAMERON TO HOST TALKS WITH SARKOZY, FOLLOWING EU SUMMIT Following his first EU Summit as UK’s prime minister, David Cameron will hold private meetings with French President Nicolas Sarkozy today. Cameron has publicly announced his committment to retain UK sovereignty in the face of Europe’s debt crisis, assuring that the UK will remain “on guard” against any further EU integration. (BBC)

LAKERS, BRYANT STAGE LATE COMEBACK TO WIN GAME 7 OF NBA FINALS The Los Angeles Lakers win Game 7 of the NBA Finals, coming back to win 83-79 over their historic nemesis, the Boston Celtics. The Lakers now have 16 NBA titles, one shy of Boston’s 17. (ESPN)


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