While U Slept. Big 5 Stories Breaking Overnight. Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25, 2010

ALL-NIGHT NEGOTIATIONS NET MASSIVE FINANCIAL REGULATION OVERHAUL House-Senate conference committee agree to details of tighter financial rules in party-line vote as dawn breaks over the capital. Will become most significant set of changes in economic oversight since the Great Depression. (WashPost)

REPORT: PAKISTAN EXPLOITS U.S. SHAKEUP TO MAKE AFGHANISTAN INROADS After the exit of General McChrystal, signs that Pakistan sees an opening to spread its reach into its neighbor’s affairs. (NYT)

MOST NOTABLE NEW FACE ARRIVES FOR G20: CAMERON CALLS FOR ACTIONBritish Prime Minister arrives in Canada for his first international summit as prime minister, calling for them to be “more than just grand talking shops.” The UK government has pushed through key new austerity measures, and may call on others to tighten belts. (BBC)

NEW AUSTRALIAN LEADER FEND OFF CRITICS, VOWS NEW ELECTIONS Gillard holds first cabinet meeting, speaks with Obama and promises new elections in coming months. (Bloomberg)

JOBS ON IPHONE RECEPTION COMPLAINTS: DON’T HOLD THE PHONE LIKE THAT! Apple boss tries to respond to worldwide laments that new iPhone4 has major reception problems. (Engadget)

BONUS: WORLD MARKS ONE YEAR SINCE MICHAEL JACKSON’S DEATH Tributes across the globe for the King of Pop, who died one year ago, as investigation into his death continues. (CBS)


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