While U Slept. Big 5 Stories Breaking Overnight. Friday July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010

NORTH KOREA VOWS “PHYSICAL RESPONSE” AS CLINTON URGES SANCTIONS North Korea responds to U.S. military and economic pressure with tough words while Secretary of State presses Asian countries to enforce UN economic sanctions against regime. (WSJ)

TROPICAL STORM BONNIE KEEPS OIL SPILL EFFORTS ON HOLD Plans to dig a relief well remained suspended Friday as rigs and boats around BP’s ruptured Gulf of Mexico well began to evacuate. (CNN)

FRENCH COORDINATE RAID AGAINST AL QAEDA IN NORTH AFRICA French says it provided logistical support for a Mauritanian raid against Al-Qaeda outfit that has kidnapped UK and French citizens. (AFP)

KOSOVO CENTRAL BANK GOVERNOR ARRESTED ON CORRUPTION CHARGES Kosovo police arrest the territory’s central bank governor Hashim Rexhepi in probe of suspected bribes, tax evasion, influence-peddling and money laundering. Comes one day after  UN ruling that Kosovo’s secession from Serbia in 2008 was not illegal. (BBC)

OBAMA VEXED BY RACE ISSUES FROM WHITE HOUSE PERCH Unjust firing of African-American agriculture department employee shows first black president struggling with how to react to race-related incidents in media age. (WashPost)


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