While U Slept. Big 5 Stories Breaking Overnight. Monday July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

MORE THAN 91,000 AFGHAN WAR REPORTS LEAKED White House lashes out at insurgent online group Wikileaks for releasing massive compendium covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010, exposing military, intelligence and political details meant to stay secret. (Guardian)

U.S. SUSPICIOUS THAT PAKISTAN AIDS INSURGENCY, ACCORDING TO LEAKS Among the most revealing nuggets in Wikileaks documents is US military strong suspicions that Pakistan’s military spy service has guided the Afghan insurgency even as Pakistan receives more than $1 billion a year from Washington for its help combating the militants. (NYT)

BP’S HAYWARD STILL ON AHEAD OF BOARD MEETING, BUT LIKELY TO GO British company’s chief executive Tony Hayward is expected to resign following widespread criticism of his handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. (BBC)

UN TRIBUNAL’S FIRST GUILTY VERDICT IN KHMER ROUGE TRIAL A 67-year-old former prison warden of the Khmer Rouge is found guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes for overseeing the torture and killing of more than 14,000 prisoners. His 19-year prison sentence (with 16 already served) is criticized by victims’ relatives. (AP)

SARKOZY CONFIRMS KILLING OF FRENCH HOSTAGE, VOWS RESPONSE French president says Al Qaeda’s execution of a 78-year-old aid worker, who’d been kidnapped in the Sahara, will not go unpunished. (AFP)


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