While U Slept. Big 5 Stories Breaking Overnight. Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010

RAPE PROBE OF WIKILEAKS FOUNDER REOPENED Sweden’s chief prosecutor reopens preliminary investigation into rape charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that a lower official had withdrawn two weeks ago. Assange has denied the charges, insinuating that they are part of dirty tricks campaign against WikiLeaks after it published more than 70,000 secret military files on Afghanistan. (Reuters)

HURRICANE EARL LOSES SOME STRENGTH, BUT STORMING TOWARD NC As of 5 a.m. Earl was located about 815 miles south-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and heading northwest at about 16 mph. Winds registered at 125 mph. (CNN)

KILLING OF FOUR ISRAELI SETTLERS HOVERS OVER PEACE TALKS SET TO START A pregnant woman was among those killed Tuesday evening in West Bank attack for which the military wing of Hamas has claimed responsibility. Peace talks set to start in Washington between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, which exclude Hamas. (NYT)

BLAIR BLASTS GORDON BROWN IN NEW BOOK Tony Blair has called his successor Gordon Brown “maddening” and “a strange guy” in a new book where he continued to defend his position on the war in Iraq. (BBC)

INCUMBENT REPUBLICAN CONCEDES SENATE PRIMARY LOSS IN ALASKA Sen. Lisa Murkowski concedes her primary race after she failed to close the gap on attorney Joe Miller, who was backed by Sarah Palin. Murkowski becomes the third incumbent senator to lose re-nomination this year and the second to lose a primary. (WashPost)


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