While U Slept: Big 5 Overnight News. Wednesday September 29, 2010

September 29, 2010

AL QAEDA PLOT IN EUROPE UNCOVERED Western intelligence says they have foiled plans to set off coordinated terror strikes in the UK, France and Germany like those in Mumbai, with hostage taking and gun attacks. (BBC)

UNIONS ACROSS EUROPE PROTEST AUSTERITY MEASURES Demonstrations demanding more jobs and public investment include trade unions from Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Serbia, Spain, Romania, Poland, Ireland and France. (CNN)

SPAIN ARRESTS US CITIZEN  ACCUSED OF FINANCING TERROR American of Algerian origin is suspected of financing al-Qaida’s North African affiliate. (AP)

CONGRESS SET TO PRESSURE CHINA ON CURRENCY The House of Representatives is expected to pass legislation to push China to let the yuan rise more quickly, as dispute hardens over trade and jobs. (Reuters)

JIMMY CARTER OK AFTER BEING RUSHED TO HOSPITAL Former President, who will turn 86 on Friday, is expected to make full recovery after falling ill aboard a flight from Atlanta to Cleveland. (WashPost)


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