While U Slept: Big 5 News Breaking Overnight. Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

NATO-BOUND OIL TANKERS ATTACKED IN PAKISTAN, SUPPLY ROUTE CLASH DEEPENS More than a dozen oil tankers bound for NATO troops in Afghanistan are torched near Pakistani military HQ. It is second attack since supply routes to Afghanistan were closed last week in protest over a series of strikes by NATO helicopters on Pakistani border posts. (NYT)

BRAZIL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION HEADED TO RUNOFF Dilma Rousseff, ally of outgoing President Lula, fails to gain the 50% of votes needed for an outright victory. With 98% of votes counted, Lula’s former cabinet chief has 47%, while Jose Serra garners 33%. The run-off vote is in four weeks. (BBC)

JAPAN ALSO ISSUES TERROR ALERT IN EUROPE Tokyo joins US and UK warning travelers of a possible terrorist attack by al-Qaida on the European continent. (AP)

BRITISH “FATHER” OF IVF NABS MEDICINE NOBEL British physiologist Robert Edwards, whose work led to the first “test-tube baby,” wins the 2010 Nobel prize for medicine or physiology. (Reuters)

LARGEST SURVEY OF AMERICANS AND SEX SINCE 1994 UNVEILED Findings fill 130 pages of a special issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, detailing how often Americans have sex, with whom, and how they respond. (AP)


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