While U Slept: Big 5 Overnight News. Thursday, September 14, 2010

October 14, 2010

ALL 33 MINERS UP AND OUT IN TV MEDIA EVENT EXTRAORDINAIRE The last of the Chilean miners is lifted to safety in months-long drama that was made for a perfect television ending. (CNN)

AHMADINEJAD EXPECTED AT ISRAEL’S NORTHERN BORDER Iranian President continues visit to Lebanon that Israel has called “provocative,” and analysts say exposes the complicated chessboard of Middle East diplomacy. (BBC)

PAKISTAN POLICE MAKE ARRESTS IN ALLEGED PLOT TO KILL PRIME MINISTER Arrests come after late-night shootout in central Pakistan. Foreign minister and other senior police were also said to be targets in terrorist plot against government. (AP)

HOT AND COLD WITH TEA-PARTY STAR  IN NATIONALLY TELEVISED DELAWARE DEBATE Christine O’Donnell showed herself to be a feisty but flawed Senate candidate for Republicans’ new rightward, populist push. (Politico)

REPORT: AOL EYES BID TO BUY YAHOO AOL is working with private-equity firms to evaluate offer to buy Yahoo Inc in a bid to salvage two troubled internet giants. (WSJ)


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