While U Slept: Big 5 Stories Breaking Overnight. Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010

BUMS THROWN OUT AGAIN (SORT OF). REPUBLICANS TAKE HOUSE, NOT SENATE With three races still undecided, Democrats have at least 51 senators, but Republicans storm to a circa 50-seat majority in the House. Third straight election that federal power has shifted dramatically. Latest results map here. (WashPost)

US PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS ON THE RISE U.S. private employers added 43,000 jobs in October compared to a revised loss of 2,000 jobs in September, according to a report by a payrolls processor. (Reuters)

GREECE SUSPENDS OUTGOING AIRMAIL, AFTER SERIES OF PACKAGE BOMBS Athens halts all outgoing airmail for 48 hours to check for further packages, after package bomb addressed to Angela Merkel — and other similar missives to foreign embassies — were shipped by air from Greece. (NYT)

UK REVEALS SUSPECTED AL QAIDA MEMBER IN CARGO BOMB PLOT WAS ARRESTED Home secretary Teresa May reveals that the member of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), had also been planning a bomb attack in the UK. (Guardian)

ISRAEL POSTPONES TALKS WITH BRITAIN Halting so-called “strategic dialogue” with Britain over defence and security issues is a protest over attempts to use British law to prosecute visiting Israeli officials. (BBC)


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