While U Slept. Big 5 News Breaking Overnight. Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 21, 2010

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EUROPE STILL MIRED IN WINTER WEATHER MESS Overnight snowfall compounds transport woes. Germany’s main air hub, Frankfurt, was forced to cancel almost 300 flights after unexpected snowfall. Heathrow Airport continues to run only 30% of flights until Wednesday a.m. (BBC)

SOUTH KOREANS BRACE FOR POSSIBLE ATTACK, NEGOTIATIONS INTENSIFY Military gamesmanship continues around contested island, as US negotiator, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson continues diplomatic efforts in China to avoid escalation. (AP)

ASSANGE DEFENDS DECISION TO NOT RETURN TO SWEDEN Wikileaks founder says he does not need to be “at the beck and call of people making allegations,” in reference to sexual assault allegations he faces in Stockholm. (Guardian)

TOYOTA AGREES TO PAY MAXIMUM FINE IN U.S. AFTER RECALLS Japanese automaker to shell out $32.4 million related to two probes after recall of 11 million vehicles in the United States and disclosure of problems blamed by safety advocates for hundreds of crashes and the deaths of dozens of people. (Reuters)

SUPPORT GROWS FOR INTERNET ACCESS BILL, VOTE EXPECTED TUESDAY The FCC is poised to pass a controversial set of rules that broadly create two classes of Internet access, one for fixed-line providers and the other for the wireless Net. (NYT)


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