While U Slept: Big 5 Stories Breaking Overnight. Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

produced by Worldcrunch

CONGRESSWOMAN’S HUSBAND RELEASES STATEMENT In his first public statement since the weekend shooting rampage outside an Arizona supermarket, the astronaut husband of critically wounded U.S. congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords thanked supporters and expressed condolences to families of other victims. (CNN)

AMBUSH IN DISPUTED SUDAN AREA KILLS 20 POLICEMAN At least 20 policemen in disputed north-south region of Abyei have been killed and 30 more wounded in two attacks by Arab tribesmen and militia. (AP)

BASQUE GROUP ETA ANNOUNCES PERMANENT CEASEFIRE Violent separatist group sends video statement to the media outlining  “internationally verifiable” truce. (BBC)

DEATH TOLL IN IRANIAN PLANE CRASH AT 77 The Iran Air Boeing 727 crashed while attempting to land in bad weather with 106 on board. (Reuters)

TODDLER OF BELARUS OPPOSITION LEADER MAY BE SEIZED As part of post-election crackdown, Belarus government warns that it might seize custody of the 3-year-old son of an opposition presidential candidate who was jailed along with his journalist wife. (NYT)



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