While U Slept: Big 5 Stories Breaking Overnight. Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

MUBARAK SWEARS IN NEW CABINET, REVILED INTERIOR MINISTER OUT Egyptian President tries to placate unprecedented anti-government protests, ousting Habib el-Adly, who is widely despised by protesters for brutality shown by security forces. (AP)

PROTESTS CONTINUE, HUGE CAIRO MARCH SET FOR TUESDAY Tens of thousands have gathered in central Cairo for a seventh day of protest, calling for a general strike Tuesday. Police have been ordered back to the streets, to positions they abandoned on Friday, but it is not clear whether they are returning to central Cairo. (BBC)

MARKETS SHAKEN BY EVENTS, DOWN SLIGHTLY AS WEEK OPENS Effects on markets of showdown in Egypt cannot be predicted or modeled, though opening trading was down from Asia and Europe. Egypt’s stock market closed because of unrest. (NYT)

INDIA AND PAKISTAN BATTLE  BLACKBERRY India rejects Research In Motion’s (RIM) offer to allow it only partial access to its BlackBerry data services as Pakistan moved to restrict the popular smartphone’s services. (Reuters)

BOND FILMS COMPOSER JOHN BARRY DIES AT 77 Barry scored eleven 007 films and won five Oscars (Guardian)



Exclusive: ElBaradei Interview. Egyptian Opposition Leader: The U.S. Must Choose Which Side It’s On
La Stampa



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