While U Slept: Big 5 Stories Breaking Overnight. Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3, 2011

produced by Worldcrunch

EGYPT PRIME MINISTER APOLOGIZES FOR VIOLENCE IN SQUARE Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq says President Hosni Mubarak has asked him to investigate the security chaos that may have killed five people. Scattered violence persists. (CNN)

YEMEN GETS ITS DAY OF RAGE Tens of thousands of Yemenis square off in street protests for and against the government a day after President Ali Abdullah Saleh offered to step down in 2013. (Reuters)

SUSPECTS IN LAST MONTH’S MOSCOW BOMBING DETAINED Russia’s top security official says the bomber was under the influence of mind-altering drugs. (AP)

SOMALI CONVICTED IN ATTACK ON DANISH CARTOONIST The 29-year-old who broke into the home of a Danish cartoonist who caricatured the Prophet Muhammad has been convicted of attempted murder and terrorism. (BBC)

RUMSFELD REMAINS UNAPOLOGETIC ABOUT HANDLING OF IRAQ Former US defence secretary says war has been worth the cost, according to his new autobiography.(Guardian)


Erdogan Speaks: Egypt’s Transition Must Be Led By A Temporary Administration Hurriyet


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