While U Slept: Big 5 Stories Breaking Overnight. Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011

produced by Worldcrunch (see our Intro Video HERE)

JAPAN QUAKE: DEATH COUNT RISES, NUCLEAR FEARS DEEPEN A deepening crisis at a damaged nuclear power plant compounds the misery in Japan as the death toll rose to 2,734 and the stock market plummeted for a second straight day. (CNN)

NUCLEAR EMERGENCY: P.M. URGES AREA RESIDENTS TO STAY INSIDE, RADIATION DRIFTS TOWARD TOKYO Japan facing potential catastrophe with quake-crippled nuclear power plant exploding and sending low levels of radiation floating toward Tokyo, prompting some people to flee the capital and others to stock up on essential supplies. (Reuters)

JAPAN CENTRAL BANK TRIES TO AVOID ECONOMIC IMPLOSION Bank of Japan pumps billions more into the financial system to quell fears that the country’s banks could be overwhelmed by the impact of the massive earthquake and tsunami. Stocks slumped as a nuclear crisis escalated. (AP)

IRAN SAYS SAUDI TROOPS IN BAHRAIN UNACCEPTABLE A day after Saudi troops entered Bahrain to confront Shiite pro-democracy protesters, the Iranian government branded the move “unacceptable.” (NYT)

LIBYAN REBELS PRESS WEST TO ASSASSINATE GADDAFI AS GOV’T TROOPS MAKE GAINS Rebel leaders ask for a no-fly zone and tactical strikes against Gaddafi’s tanks and rockets. (Guardian)


from Worldcrunch

To Flee Or Not To Flee: Tokyo Residents Weigh Radiation, Aftershock Fears. But Most Stay Put



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