My name is Jeff Israely, a veteran Europe-based correspondent for Time magazine, turned New Media startup dude. Twice a day, 5:30 a.m. and  7 a.m. EST, I select the Big 5 most relevant stories that have unfolded while North American readers were dreaming sweet dreams. It’s your head start on the next news cycle.

It is designed for info junkies, and the always plugged-in among us: a professionally selected and delivered bundle of All the News That’s Broken Since You Logged Off (or last checked your iPhone/blackberry) Last Night…

If you read about it yesterday, we won’t include it this morning, unless there is relevant new information to report. For those still enjoying the morning print paper, whileUslept is the perfect complement, to get you one step ahead of the next news cycle.

You can receive the whileUslept Twitter post or get it fed to you via Facebook every weekday. Or subscribe for email delivery.

While U Slept is part of my larger effort to  launch a world news website.

You can follow all my tweets on Twitter here.

For further information or inquiries: jisraely@yahoo.com

Thanks! Jeff


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